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Travel Tips

When travelling in remote areas, ensure you follow the below tips for a safe and enjoyable trip.

  • Check your route carefully.

  • Before leaving for your trip, give someone a copy of your itinerary and agree dates and times to contact them to let them know that       all is well.

  • Ensure your vehicle is suitable for outback travel.

  • Do not overload the vehicle.

  • Consider hiring a two-way radio if intending to travel in very remote areas.

  • Carry the best maps you can, but always check with the locals on road conditions, fuel availability and weather conditions.

  • Plan your fuel consumption and refuelling points. Remember that service stations in the outback may have limited opening hours.

  • Do not stray from your intended route as you may consume extra fuel or you could get lost.

  • When travelling on very remote roads, inform local authorities of your route and intended arrival time.

  • Carry sufficient supplies of food, water and fuel.

  • Try to avoid driving at dusk, night or dawn. Wild or farm animals may stray onto the road and their behaviour can be unpredictable.

  • When driving on an unmade road towards an approaching vehicle, pull off to the left of the road, keeping the right-hand wheels on       the road surface at all times. Slow down but do not stop as the road shoulders may be soft.

  • Be aware of dust on the road which may conceal potholes and washouts.

  • Always carry an emergency supply of water, five litres per person per day in hot areas.

  • If you break down, stay with your vehicle. It is much easier to locate a vehicle than a person.